Since 1993, The Rock 'N' Rope Warrior, David Fisher, has performed school assemblies for over five million school children, as well as over a hundred national television programs and has even performed for President Bush, President Clinton, and Russian President, Boris Yeltsin.  Kids and adults can now bring these rope tricks into their own home and enhance their own speed and agility through fun and dynamic rope jumping challenges.  Rope jumping can be done alone or with friends.  You can learn new jump rope skills and tricks, or just have a great workout.  The great thing about jumping rope is that you NEVER run out of jump rope skills or tricks to learn.  Set some new goals for yourself, master some new tricks and you'll keep your jump rope sessions and workouts fresh and new.  With enough practice, you might be the next Guinness World Record Holder!

Fun-filled school assemblies, work-out DVDs, books and music albums are a few of the ways kids can join in the fun for themselves and test their own rope jumping skills.  Kids of all ages love learning how to jump rope and teaching themselves new skills to impress their friends, while adults can increase speed, agility, athleticism and take advantage of a great home workout.  Jump rope is fun alone or with a friend and setting new goals for yourself and mastering new tricks keeps the activity fresh and new.  With enough practice, you might be the next Guinness World Record Holder!

See the videos on this website for a few of The Rope Warrior's amazing tricks!  Call 888-JMP-ROPE (888-567-7673) to arrange a jump rope school assembly program or workshop,  The Rope Warrior lives in Indianapolis, but performs his jump rope shows all over the country.  This visually entertaining and interactive performance is perfect for school assemblies, libraries, summer camps, fairs, festivals, picnics, half-time shows, and corporate events!

Jump in today and start your new workout or jump rope tricks with the following top-of-the-line merchandise from The Rope Warrior: Speed Jump Ropes, Jump Rope Workout DVD, Jump Rope Skills DVD, Instructional Jump Rope Books, Jump Rope Science Fiction Adventure Books, and fun Family/Children's CDs.

Rope Warrior Speed Rope
  • Rope Warrior Speed Rope


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Top of the line speed ropes used by The Rope Warrior himself! Click on 7' to choose your size: 7' recommended for K-2nd 8' recommended for 2nd-4th 9' recommended for 4th - 5'10" 10' recommended for 5'10" and up

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